4 Proven Ways to Accelerate Sales with Lead Generation in 2024

Conducting sales outreach calls has its time and place …

But when it comes to selling smarter in 2024, it’s pivotal to embrace AI technology, strategic lead magnets, and SEO to accelerate sales

Not only can these strategies help you attract aligned prospects, but they can also help you raise your website’s domain authority score.

That means higher rankings and more opportunities to flood your site with high-quality leads.

In this article, we’re covering four simple yet powerful lead generation strategies you can use in 2024 — along with brand examples — to inspire you. 

Let’s take a look.


1. Double down on SEO content to attract aligned leads to your website

There’s never been a more important time to create high-impact content on your website. 

In other words, it’s time to increase the amount of valuable blog posts, guides, and gated assets you publish to step up your search engine optimization game. 

Focus on writing content that solves your core audience’s pain points and is packed with value. Optimize for relevant keywords that have low competition and high search volume to boost your chances of ranking high.

Create a style guide and include E-E-A-T principles to guide your content team’s approach. 

If you’re unfamiliar with E-E-A-T, it’s an acronym Google created that stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The more your content follows these principles, the better chance you have of positioning your brand as an industry expert.

It’s a simple generation tactic to boost conversion rates. 

Here are two real brand examples to inspire you:

AgentAdvice uses how-to articles, listicles, and reviews to generate qualified prospects for its website 

Get inspired by AgentAdvice, a real estate school and media company created by real estate agents for other agents. 

The brand focuses on how-to articles, listicles, and reviews its audience cares most about. 

Some options include how to generate real estate leads, lists showing the top real estate schools, and real estate software review guides:

Image Source

After a user is on-page long enough, AgentAdvice generates an AI chatbox window to ask potential leads if they’d like to schedule a call. 

This helps the brand only offer calls to leads it feels have a real interest in the solutions it offers. 

Image Source

If the prospect says yes, the AI bot offers a link to the next available agent’s calendar:

Image Source

Then it’s as simple as choosing an ideal date and time to meet:

Image Source

Strategy Summary

AgentAdvice’s strategic use of SEO content and AI chatbots (read: a generation tool) helps attract relevant leads and convert visitors into booked appointments. From there, it’s up to the agent to follow up and nurture them to a conversion through the sales funnel. 

Follow this tip if you want to boost your domain score and book more sales appointments with potential clients. 

SoFi uses “What is” content, detailed guides, and collapsible FAQ sections to attract curious leads to its website 

SoFi also relies on SEO content to generate aligned leads to its website. 

The credit card and lending solutions brand uses “What is” content, detailed guides, and collapsible FAQ sections to address its audience’s pain points. 

It also packages these content assets on pillar pages dedicated to the top keywords it targets and solutions it offers. 

Get inspired by its credit card pillar page, packed with valuable assets, such as credit card reward guides, cash back definition articles, and product change guides:

Image Source

Its collapsible FAQ sections not only help visitors answer their top questions, but they’re also prime Featured Snippet material. (That’s more SEO ranking potential.)

Follow in SoFi’s footsteps by pulling FAQs from the “People also ask” section in Google for your target keywords.

Image Source

Strategy Summary

SoFi goes above and beyond to answer its audience’s questions about their top concerns. It provides detailed guides, answers, and white papers on product pages to handhold its target audience through their questions. This helps the brand boost authority and build trust with its ideal customers. Over time, this helps SoFi convert leads. 

Follow this tip if you want to boost authority and build trust with wary prospects. 

2. Hook leads with interactive content

Audiences don’t just expect personalized experiences — they demand them. 

And what better way to give them what they want than by using interactive content, otherwise known as dynamic?

Interactive content uses artificial intelligence technology to guide visitors to specific solutions.

In other words…

You’ll never give a user a dull, everyday online experience.   

By offering visitors interactive content, you’ll tailor their experiences during every step of the sales process.

Get inspired by the following brands:

Tailor Brands hooks prospects with its AI logo maker and enticing previews

Tailor Brands, a branding and formation services company, uses dynamic content to put the website visitor in the driver’s seat. 

With its AI logo maker, visitors move through a few screens to create their perfect logos. 

The dynamic content sequence (read: sales pipeline) starts with entering the logo name:

Image Source

Next, users can choose from a few options to customize their logos. 

These include… 

What they offer or intend to offer: 

Image Source

Their industry:

Image Source

Their logo type: 

Image Source

And their ideal font styles: 

Image Source


The AI logo generation magic happens:

Image Source

And here’s where Tailor Brands officially grabs the lead: 

Image Source

At this point, the lead is so invested and excited about their logo options — they can’t help but sign up to receive them.

However, if they do leave without signing up, Tailor Brands will remember them if they return. This way, the visitor can pick up where they left off. 

Strategy Summary

Tailor Brands uses an AI logo maker to captivate its audience with a dynamic content experience. This inspires users to finalize their branding products or (at least) sign up for Tailor Brand’s email list. 

Follow this generation method if you want to hook leads with epic experiences and generate relevant opt-ins. They’ll love the experience so much they’re bound to share it across social media platforms.

StudioSuits pulls users in with dynamic filters and “quick add” CTA buttons

StudioSuits entices visitors to create custom apparel and head to check-out with its dynamic filters and quick sales buttons. 

The fashion brand, specializing in made-to-order stunning suits, uses dedicated product pages with smart filters that make shopping feel like a personalized, in-store experience.  

The user can choose to view suit options close-up…

Image Source

Or worn by professional models:

Image Source

They can also choose to apply more detailed dynamic filters, such as a specific suit color, pattern, and range:

Image Source

The easiest, most convenient part? 

The user can click “QUICK ADD” to immediately add the suit they’re viewing to their shopping cart: 

Image Source

Doing so also pulls up another interactive content window, where the shopper can enter their measurements, size, and fabric choice:

Image Source

Strategy Summary

StudioSuits dynamic content filters act like personal shoppers, guiding visitors to the best custom suit for their specific needs. This creates an in-store experience with the convenience of online shopping. 

Follow this generation process if you want to hook leads with personalized shopping experiences and nudge them to purchase.

3. Add a discount pop-up on your website to quickly grab opt-ins and start sending them lead-nurturing emails

With high bounce rates remaining a consistent concern for website owners, brands need easy ways to grab online leads as quickly as possible. 

This is where a trusty digital marketing classic like a discount popup never fails.

If you’re looking to grab qualified leads, a discount pop-up can help you collect prospects who have a sincere interest in your brand. 

You can then leverage email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns to nudge them to conversion — and customer loyalty campaigns to build ongoing relationships with them after they convert.

*Pro-Tip: When a lead opts in, immediately send them a welcome email with the discount you promised. Giving them the option to quickly apply the discount is essential if they’re ready to buy. Otherwise, they may head to Amazon or another brand to buy what they need.

Get inspired by House of Joppa:

House of Joppa uses one pop-up as its main lead-generation strategy

House of Joppa, an online Catholic store, generates most of its leads from the following simple pop-up:

Image Source

It then segments the leads that opted in by confirmations and email open rates:

Image Source

Its strategy is simple…

If a prospect confirms its subscription and opens House of Joppa’s (HOJ) emails, the brand adds them to its lead nurturing email campaigns. As long as the user stays active, HOJ continues to send them emails. 

Too easy?

If you think about it, it’s genius.

HOJ wants to focus its lead nurturing campaigns on people who have a sincere interest in its products. It also uses this strategy to consistently increase its email deliverability rates (EDR). 

The higher the EDR, the better chance it has at getting higher:

  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Subscribe rates
  • Referrals
  • Conversions

HOJ sends active email subscribers valuable content that focuses on:

  • Relevant product promotions in line with the users’ interests
  • Catholic history and informative content
  • Real stories and behind-the-scenes content 
  • Special deals and holiday offers 

Strategy Summary

House of Joppa uses a simple pop-up to attract relevant opt-ins. It then asks users to confirm their subscriptions to improve deliverability. It also segments opt-ins by active and inactive users. This helps the brand only target leads with a real shopping interest. This strategy helps HOJ generate most of its sales and increase its email deliverability rate.

Follow this tip if you want quality email leads, a higher email deliverability rate, and more conversion opportunities.

4. Use automated guided selling strategies on your website to present tailored offers and encourage sales

Another way to create personalized shopping experiences and encourage users to stay on-page longer is with automated guided selling strategies. 

These include options such as: 

  • Interactive quizzes
  • Polls and feedback forms 
  • AI-guided chatbots  

With guided selling strategies, your website helps visitors find the exact solutions to their core problems. 

This can help you encourage them to go straight to check out — or, at the very least — provide contact information so you can follow up with them later.

Get inspired by Hims:

Hims uses guided selling quizzes to personalize offers and nudge leads to conversion

The telehealth brand, Hims, focuses on using dynamic quizzes to help website visitors struggling with wellness concerns find the best treatments.

As soon as a user lands on its site, they’ll see a ”Find my treatment” button at the top to help them get started:

Image Source

Next, the user’s official “online visit” begins:

Image Source

Hims personalizes the experience the whole way through.

For instance, if the visitor chooses a mental health concern, the brand uses comforting language to help them feel seen and understood. 

It also shares that they’ll receive a tailored solution after just three easy steps:

Image Source

Next, the brand asks the user for their…


Image Source


Image Source

Date of birth:

Image Source

And medication experience:

Image Source

At this point, Hims has done a great job helping the visitor get invested in its solutions. 

But to receive them, Hims needs permission to send them an email and add them to its list:

Image Source

This helps the brand follow up with the user with their exact treatment options and continue building a relationship with them.

If the lead doesn’t convert, the brand adds them to a lead nurturing sequence unless they opt-out. 

Strategy Summary

Hims helps its sensitive audience feel seen and heard with curated experiences. Its guided selling quiz walks visitors through questions to understand the best treatment options for their wellness concerns. To encourage the lead to follow through on their solution request, it asks them to opt in before sending their wellness options. 

Follow this tip if you want to maintain high on-page rates, collect relevant leads, and convert website visitors. 

Wrap up

And there you have it!

In this article, we discussed four proven ways to accelerate sales with lead generation strategies in 2024. 

Get inspired by the brands we covered in this article by focusing on:

  1. SEO content to attract aligned leads to your website
  2. Interactive content to hook leads and keep them on your website and exchange their email addresses 
  3. Discount pop-ups to quickly grab opt-ins and start sending potential customers lead-nurturing emails
  4. Automated guided selling strategies to present tailored offers and encourage sales by turning visitors into leads

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Here’s to your success with your next lead-generation campaigns! 

About the author:

Jeremy is co-founder & CEO at uSERP, a digital PR and SEO agency working with brands like Monday, ActiveCampaign, Hotjar, and more. He also buys and builds SaaS companies like Wordable.io and writes for publications like Entrepreneur and Search Engine Journal.