5 outstanding sales outreach tips that get meetings booked

You know you need to get as many sales meetings as possible, so finding ways to attract new leads is a must.

But here’s the thing.

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You won’t be the only business owner outreaching to new clients. Your competitors will be doing the same, so you need to up your game.

Improving your product and service is one way to beat your rivals. You should also build a website that stands out from those of your nearest competitors. In this regard, factoring in SEO is also important. You can do this by optimizing your website and social media to ensure more hits when potential prospects search by keywords.

These are all great tactics, but you still need to be proactive. In business, prospects won’t always come to you. You need to reach out to them and earn their trust, as this way, you will have the opportunity to book more meetings and make more sales.

To stand out from the millions of other salespeople out there, consider the following.

#1: Find The Right Leads

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Whether you’re marketing to another business or the average consumer, you need to target the right people.

You also need to make sure that you have a chance of a sale when you reach out to others through cold outreach.

So, don’t go in blind. Finding the right leads might seem time-intensive but it doesn’t have to be.

You can:

Target The People Who Subscribe to Your Newsletters

You can encourage people to subscribe to your newsletters using strategically placed pop-ups and banners on your website. You will then develop a network of warm leads—those people who have already shown an interest in what your business has to offer.

Work With Other Salespeople

Not every other salesperson is your enemy. Work with non-competing businesses and share leads with them if it makes sense to do so. If your business sells office technology, for example, you might share leads with a business that sells paper or printer ink. This is because you would be targeting the same prospects.

Target Your Social Media Followers

Get in touch with those people who have connected with your business on social media. Follow through with those people who have liked, commented, and shared your social media posts.

Network at Industry Events

When it comes to B2B marketing, network at those places where your prospects are likely to be. Conferences, training events, and other industry-related meetings are perfect for finding prospective leads. Just don’t forget to arm yourself with business cards before going to these meetings.

#2: Use The Right Communication Channels

In years gone by, salespeople relied on door-to-door visits and phone calls when trying to reach new prospects. Both methods are still widely used, but there are more effective ways to reach out to others.

Use Instant Messaging

In today’s society, people communicate with one another via their cell phones. Take advantage of this, not by sending out cold calls, but by using instant messaging to get in touch with them. Target both warm and cold leads but remember to personalize your messages to humanize the face of your business. You can share a screen-sharing session over IM apps like WhatsApp.

Send An Email

Outside of social media, email is one of the best ways to communicate with others digitally. But don’t send out something generic-sounding to your prospective leads. Find ways to personalize your emails as this is one way to humanize your business and guarantee greater levels of engagement.

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Use Modern Ways to Send a Fax

Yes, we know people don’t have fax machines anymore, but business owners do use online fax software. This is one way to send prospective leads messages and files pertaining to your business, so check the following article on how to send fax from computer.

Benefit From a Cloud Communication Platform

For the benefit of your sales team, use a cloud communication platform that can be tailored to your business. Implement the features that can instigate and track all of your customer interactions, and streamline every aspect of your sales outreach.

There are many platforms on the market so consider the features you require and choose the platform that is best suited to you.

#3: Discuss The Competition

You might think a conversation about your competition is a bad idea.

However, your prospects probably know something about your business rivals already, so when making contact, tell them how you compare.

Don’t trash talk your competitors, as that would only cheapen your brand image. Instead, be respectful, but point out all the ways in which your product and service are better.

Focus on:

  • Product features
  • Pricing (including how you provide value for money)
  • The benefits of your product over others on the market
  • Testimonials from your happy customers

You can discuss these during your sales meetings, but before you get to that stage, you could also make such comparisons on your website via charts and blog posts.

#4: Incorporate Video

You need only look at the statistics below when considering why you should use video within your sales outreach strategies.

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You can incorporate videos in a number of ways.

  • Send personalized videos in sales emails to your prospects
  • Showcase your product via tutorials and other demonstrations
  • Feature testimonials from customers and employees
  • Capture the attention of your prospects with something funny, yet informative

Post your videos on your website and social media pages. Use popular video streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo. And forward videos to your prospects via instant messaging and email during each stage of your interaction journey.

#5: Build a Relationship

Why should your prospects consider a sales meeting with you? If all you do is spam them with cold calls and sales-oriented emails, they might reject your advances early on.

You need to find ways to build a relationship with them, as this is one way to earn their trust and hit your sales targets.

How can you build a relationship with them? We obviously aren’t talking about asking them on a date. Well, there are a number of things you can do, including the following:

  • Leave meaningful comments on their social media posts and blog posts
  • Send them a free gift, such as an eBook that you think they will find useful
  • Show interest in their businesses
  • Offer a free consultation
  • Start genuine, non-salesy conversations with them, be that online or off

Regular interactions, however small, will put you on your prospects’ radar. If you can play it cool, without doing anything that could potentially annoy them, you will start to earn their trust and respect. You then have a better chance of getting a sales meeting booked.


By using the strategies we have discussed here, you will improve your chances of booking more sales meetings with your prospects. If all goes well, you should then have the opportunity to make more sales in your business, too. For you, this means a higher turnover of profits and more happy customers on your side!

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