Screen sharing use cases and success stories

Our customers have become more successful with easy screen sharing and by capturing inbound leads faster. Here is a list of a few of the success stories from our customers that have used CrankWheel for selling insurance over the phone, mortgage advice, tax consulting, digital marketing agencies and SEO services, onboarding and customer success, digital platforms and business directories. CrankWheel has enabled telesales teams to become more effective, customer service representatives to become more successful, field sales teams to be more efficient and helped sales teams to move to a hybrid sales model.

“Why talk when you can show? A great picture is worth 1000 words”

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Digital marketing and customer success. Screen sharing provides a quick and effective way to close the sale: Yell

Screen share for Yell is provided by CrankWheel, giving telesales agents a quick and effective way to sell digital marketing solutions. CrankWheel is also used for customer success when an agent is showing a customer how to use their digital marketing solutions or to fix problems. Customer service agents are able to resolve problems for customers easily with the Remote Control Feature of CrankWheel.

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Mortgage and insurance services. Complimenting phone appointments with screen sharing software: Connells Group

Lockdown made face-to-face meetings with customers impossible. For Connells Group, that meant rethinking their whole approach. Their strategy was to complement phone appointments by showing presentations and calculations through screen sharing. Connells Group chose a solution that would work on any device in any browser and the customer could access without installation or registration. First tests showed that agents with screen sharing sessions outperformed others by 15-20%. With CrankWheel, they kept the pace and outperform their competitors that did not use screen sharing.

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Tax advisory. Capturing hot inbound leads instantly and close faster with screen sharing: Declarando

The challenge for Declarando was that the sales cycle was too long, taking at least two or more calls/demos to get an inbound or outbound lead to sign-up and start working with them. Growth was slower and attrition rates within the sales funnel higher, which means it took more time and costs more to get prospects into the funnel and convert them into clients. Declarando started using CrankWheel to give a sales lead demo quicker, thus reducing the sales cycle, thereby increasing conversion rates.

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Online listings platform. Upselling digital marketing services to existing customers: Manta

Manta got the entire sales team using CrankWheel to accelerate the sales pipeline. The team is mostly responsible for up-selling existing customers a variety of digital marketing services; search engine listings, creating websites, and search engine optimization (SEO). With CrankWheel, they connected with potential customers more quickly. This resulted in driving conversion rates, reducing the sales cycle and hitting sales targets more quickly.

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Sales intelligence. Capturing inbound leads at the right moment: Salesgenie

Since 2016, Salesgenie (now Data Axle Genie) has used CrankWheel for sales and customer service. The onboarding and customer success teams use the core screen-sharing function of CrankWheel to help customers hit the ground running with their services. The sales team makes use of the Instant Demos feature as well as the screen-sharing function. They can capture leads, that come through their website and instantly start a screen-sharing session. They handle 98% of inbound requests within the first minute. CrankWheel is used to increase customer spend, troubleshoot, solve problems, and improve customer retention.

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Yellow pages digital marketing services. Making sales to hard to reach prospects and selling digital services to SMB’s: Yellow Pages Canada

Viable leads were interested in their digital marketing services but wanted to see what they were going to buy. The trouble was getting them on the second call to close the deal. By adding screen-sharing to their sales calls, they saw immediate results. They made CrankWheel usage part of their culture by including the number of screen-shares in their Key Performance Indicators which resulted in immediate buy-in from their sales teams. As a result, cut the sale cycle in half and doubled close rates.

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