CrankWheel is a rising star according to Deloitte

Deloitte’s jury has finished debating and announced, among others, that CrankWheel was chosen to present on the Fast 50 - Rising Star event on 16th November, on the 20th floor of the Deloitte Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Deloitte Fast 50 Winner

What does this mean for CrankWheel’s customers?

The average growth rate of Fast 50 technology companies jumped to 1057% from 560% in 2015, and companies representing IT & Digital solutions dominate the ranking.

Industry recognition isn’t the only good news

Recently we’ve been noticing more and more hits to our website from around the world.

Fast Growing Icelandic Business

We are humbled by the attention CrankWheel has recently been getting. Screen Sharing that always works should be available for every company in the world. We hope that being noticed by one of the Big Four is the first step in making this a reality!

Thank you @Deloitte for the opportunity!