Gather consent and get attestation from ACA clients

The new feature in CrankWheel allows you to get forms signed with an electronic signature. To begin with, there will be two types of forms available, both of them for health insurance agents and brokers.

Agents and brokers can in a simple way capture consent from their clients with the ACA Marketplace enrollment consent form.

The other form that we are rolling out, makes it possible for agents and brokers to record when they are showing their clients the information that has been put in and sign their attestation that the information the agent will put in the application is correct.

Here’s how the attestation form works:

How Health Agents and Brokers Get Client’s Attestation for Enrollment

Pre-requisite: Sign up for CrankWheel if you haven’t already done so, then log into your settings. Scroll all the way to the bottom and verify that you are an agent or a broker and fill in your information. Click Save and restart your CrankWheel extension.

  1. Start a screen sharing session with CrankWheel and share to your client’s mobile phone. Sharing to a mobile is important since we use the phone number to validate the signature.
  2. Press the record button and share the form with your client.
  3. Launch the Attestation form.
  4. Let the client fill in the personal information. You can see it live when they are filling in so you can let them know if anything isn’t correct.
  5. Tell the client to click Submit. They will now see the preview of the form will all the information and they will see the text that are hereby verifying that they gave you the information through an online meeting.
  6. The client signs the form with the same name that they entered at the beginning of the form.
  7. Once the client submits the signature, the client will get a confirmation and can download the e-signed document. Both you and the client will receive the PDF via email.

Now you have both the signed attestation as well as a recording that shows you going over the data that the client attested to. The video also shows when the attestation form was being filled.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marketplace Attestations:

Does the signature pick up the IP address of the client?

Yes it does along with their verified phone number, and the information filled in by your client.

Is it possible to download a blank form?

You can do a demo run of signing a form yourself. Then you will get a PDF with the form sent to you by email.

Does the verification need to come from text or can it be sent from email?

To begin with you will need to send a text and your client needs to access the form through a smartphone. We may allow verification by email at a later date.

Does the client need to join by phone?

To begin with, the client needs to join by phone through the link in the text message that you send via CrankWheel. We may allow verification by email at a later date, so that users could join from their computer rather than from their mobile phone.

Can consent and attestation be done just through the recording if the client can’t join by phone?

Our understanding of the CMS guidelines is that it is possible. We recommend that you capture both ends of the phone call if that is the case. Since CrankWheel only captures the audio that goes into your computer’s microphone, you should get the recording of the phone call from your VoIP to synchronize with the recording. If you are not using VoIP, you should put your phone on speaker while you record so CrankWheel can capture both ends of the conversation.

Can I share the HealthSherpa page?

Yes, you can share any website or software that you are using on your computer. Many agents have been using CrankWheel to show their clients information from HealthSherpa.

If a client has signed the consent or attestation by phone, can they join the ongoing session by computer?

Yes. You simply click the “Add viewers” button while the session is ongoing, and get them connected from their computer by sending an email or asking them to join in by typing your public link in their browser. You should only do this after they have completed signing the consent form and/or attestation form, because the forms can only be launched when there is only a single device connected to the session.

Can I start by sharing to a client’s computer and have the client switch to the phone to sign?

Yes. The client must enter through the text you sent and close the CrankWheel window on the computer. When there is one device connected that joined by text, you can start the form flow.