Our map of Dublin Tech Summit (DTS)

Come and witness live how fresh and exciting sales can get when you put your heart into developing innovation that works every time!

We will pitch at the Startup100 competition

We’re here on a mission to help you and your startup demonstrate its worth to customers, investors, the media and just about everyone else.

Feb 15, 2017 at 10:40 AM we’re making history at DTS, on the pitching stage on level 1. Be sure to drop by!

CrankWheel Instant Demos

Disruption at booth S082

Make sure to meet us at our booth, S082, located at the demo area’s right wing. Here’s our map. Tread wisely, as this experience will inadvertently change your perception of what a sales demo is!

CrankWheel DTS location

All done instantly, under 10-seconds.

See, the Instant Demo feature we’re unveiling is Huge. H U G E. There’s nothing like it out there!

It will enable your startup to present its value instantly. Grabbing your customer’s attention at its peak. From then on your conversions will be 22x better!

22x better conversions

Let’s get informal!

We made a bet that we’ll pre-sell 100 CrankWheel subscriptions during Dublin Tech Summit. If we hit that number we’re inviting all subscribers for some lovely Guinness and startup sales conversations. $123 for early access to Instant Demos can really change your perception of sales.

We’re also welcoming partnerships in both co-branded sales initiatives and content marketing campaigns.

Have ideas for some spin-off initiatives? Booth S082 is the place to be!

CrankWheel team having fun

Bonus: A list of startups to meet at DTS

“Having an idea that will change the world is one thing, however meeting the people who will accommodate it is another.” - Dublin Tech Summit Organizers

Not listed yet? We’re updating it as we go - give us a shout to get it done faster!

GitLab Dublin Tech Summit
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“‘Git’ is a source code management system for software development. GitLab is an open source tool for developers to create, manage, and share codes. GitLab makes tracking issues and reviewing codes easier for developers.”

Croosing Dublin Tech Summit
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“Did you know that the link has not evolved since 1991? We didn’t but, the people at Croosing did! This is why they have developed an browser app that allows users to create a superlink. What does a superlink do? It does a bunch of things like: lead to multiple web pages through the single link, tack actions on the targeted webpages, add a personal touch to any page on the web, soundtrack the web, brand links and guide followers as if you are sitting next to them.”

Freemig Dublin Tech Summit
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“This US startup wants to use social media in the best way possible by utilising the resources that already exist across different social media platforms to improve the way professionals engage with their customers, improve the way we learn through social media and improve the lives of people using social media generally by only using one tap and one login credential.”

Airdates Dublin Tech Summit
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“Who here hasn’t been bored in the airport and looked around to see some very interesting people that would be lovely to chat with? Airdates is the perfect app for you! Using a internet connect, passengers can talk with each other. Plus, it allows for passengers to talk to each other on the plane.”

Timepot Dublin Tech Summit
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“Timepot is a time tracking tool which works specifically to support small and medium-sized businesses. By using the information gathered to determine where there are potentials for delays and help management determine how best to deal with underperformance.”

MyTrackee Dublin Tech Summit
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“myTrackee allows users to track other users via GPS. Users are give a specific # ID which can be tracked by other people. Features include tracking of your own kids’ accounts, sharing real-time location while on holidays (for fun or safety). A group of people can use the same number and private or public mode for sharing location.”

Rebrandly Dublin Tech Summit
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“Tired of having super long and terrible looking links? Rebrandly has the solution for you! They allow users to create and share short links that can have custom domain names.”

Fillit Dublin Tech Summit
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“If a space is empty, this platform ‘fills it’. Whether a space is needed for an event, a pop-up or anything else, Fillit is a online platform that connects people with the spaces they need across The Republic of Ireland.”

Netsso Dublin Tech Summit
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“‘The team at Netsso have created a secure personal Internet manager which makes it easy to ensure that login credentials are strong and securely kept, files of interest are encrypted before being uploaded on cloud sharing sites and that overall security of your personal data is strengthened.”

OrganicNet Dublin Tech Summit
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“This startup is a marketplace for organic food. With its green ethos, it’s doing its part to save the planet by helping local farmers to grow organic foods and make them accessible for everybody.”

Silicon Armada Dublin Tech Summit
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“Silicon Armada is a global marketplace for IT jobs. The goal is to connect tech employers with tech employees from all over the world. Employers don’t have to pay a premium when hiring someone hence, still giving competitive advantages to the employees.”

VanHack Dublin Tech Summit
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“‘VanHack supports tech professionals finding work abroad and employers looking to hire top talent. As an international network of developers, designers and digital marketers, VanHack operates in Berlin, Amsterdam, Waterloo, Dublin, Toronto, Santiago, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Dubai.”

Lydia Dublin Tech Summit
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“Lydia’s iPhone and Android app make it easy to send money. Whether you need to pay back a friend for rent, make a purchase in your local coffee shop, or buy a concert ticket online, Lydia offers a simple interface so you can link your phone with your card and pay anyone with one app.”

Stagelink Dublin Tech Summit
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“Stagelink, the fan-powered tour promoter, crowdsources live events for Internet stars, leveraging millions of online followers to create successful offline shows and tours. On stagelink.com, artists and managers track fan-driven, real-time demand to plan, pre-finance, and de-risk tours, while reaching highly engaged audiences.”

And many more!