Press release: Project videos to screen sharing sessions

CrankWheel’s new update includes a feature called the Projector. Available now, the Projector is an answer to users requesting the ability to project videos with sound during screen sharing sessions. This new feature makes screen-sharing sessions even more interactive while maintaining the seamless user experience CrankWheel promises to users.

project video in screen share

Reykjavík - January 19th, 2022

On Sunday, CrankWheel rolled out an update of their popular Screen Sharing software. Alongside the usual minor fixes and improvements was a big feature launch: CrankWheel users can now project pre-recorded videos seamlessly to their viewers’ screens or show screen share recordings that have previously been recorded.

Video adds a new dimension to screen-sharing sessions and helps to establish trust. CrankWheel has enabled brands to use their visual identity during voice calls. The Projector helps to leverage their audio brand identity with audio-visual assets from other campaigns on sales calls.

Establishing a CrankWheel session takes only a few seconds - either send over a link or ask the viewer to type in a simple link. It works on any device without installation and without granting permissions. Once a CrankWheel session is established, the Projector can be initiated by the presenter at any time by selecting an available video from a drop-down menu. The viewer clicks to accept playing a video, and the video starts to play with sound.

The Projector is available to all CrankWheel users, from the free plan to the larger enterprise plans.

“The new feature further adds to the interactive nature of CrankWheel sessions. We expect the engagement level of calls using CrankWheel to rise even further. This is in line with our vision to enable users to share everything required to close the sale in the first call. We designed the Projector to play videos without any of the loss in video or audio quality that is commonly experienced when trying to share pre-recorded videos through a web conference,” says Jói Sigurðsson, CrankWheel founder and CEO.

Gilsi Sigvaldason, co-founder and CRO: “By adding videos to CrankWheel sessions, we are adding endless possibilities for our users. Salespeople can now project testimonial videos to the prospect’s screen during the first cold call. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000 times more.”