Screen Sharing meets Telesales

A picture is worth a thousand words. A thousand words when spoken at an average speed require 7 minutes and 42 seconds. You can save your customers that much time by simply adding screen sharing to your telesales campaigns!

Not doing telesales yet? Meet CrazyCall!

Our friends at CrazyCall, a telesales application, claim that campaigns set up straight from your browser are an easy and effective way to surprise customers with a warm call, and in effect, increase sales.

If you have contacts, a CRM and someone calling international customers with the intention to sell, your best bet is to implement a telesales dialer like CrazyCall. With its AI-driven adaptive algorithms that identify sales people on hot streaks along with granular permission setup and enterprise-friendly analytics, it only makes sense to drop your Premium Skype and opt for a dedicated sales solution that works straight from your browser.

„From your browser”… just like CrankWheel! Use both together? Yes, please!

The presentation is just 1% of the sales cycle. It’s the tip of an iceberg comprised of production, marketing and multiple sales calls. The uniqueness of this 1% lies in its importance. Nobody wants to embarrass their whole team by not closing the deal!

telesales and screen sharing

Nothing should ever go wrong with the closing sales call! Ever!

Still, so many of sales reps rely on presentation software that’s both overkill in features and that simply doesn’t always work. You’ve seen this happen over and over.

„Can you see it yet?” - Who would even want to ask a customer this?

„It’s lagging. I can’t tell what you’re showing. Hello?” - How’s that for customer feedback?

With CrankWheel added to a CrazyCall telesales session this won’t happen. It works every time. Everything happens in your browser, the client doesn’t install anything. Just tell the client „I can show you” and click the yellow icon in your Chrome browser. It’s that simple!

Add visuals to your phone call

You are not obligated to use screen sharing every time. Some clients, who you tag in CrazyCall as #b2b will be at their desk during the dialer-automated call, but sometimes they won’t. It’s perfectly OK not to force a sales presentation down the customer’s throat.

CrankWheel’s SMS links can launch a presentation on the customer’s smartphone. Catching someone on the phone with headphones on, able to look at their screen while they pick up the phone is not likely now, but with the development of behavior tracking and mobile APIs who knows - this may be the next big step in telesales after all!

CrazyCall and CrankWheel

About CrazyCall:

CrazyCall is a cloud based software for sales calls, cold calling and other outbound campaigns. Sign up for a trial license while you can and mention you’re from CrankWheel to get a secret surprise!