Facebook launches screen sharing for Workplace and Live

Facebook launches screen sharing, slowly but surely becoming a business platform

Screen Share Workplace

First Facebook quietly added workplace chat apps and screen sharing. Then they started experimenting with CVs and Resumes, trying to compete with LinkedIN for the professional audience. Now they’re adding a screen share feature to the streaming platform Facebook Live. What does this mean for business users and why should you care?

Screen sharing is becoming a universal necessity

Being able to display the content of one’s screen on any device in the world is a convenience that the global social network is bringing to both consumers and business users.

Workplace, Facebook’s counterpart to Slack, now has the ability to screen share between users. It seems that screen sharing has become an essential tool for collaborative, internal chat apps for professional teams.

Facebook Live also seems to be getting traction with business users. Live streaming is by far one of the coolest ways to provide valuable content for enterprising audiences.

Universal screen sharing is AWESOME!

We love the fact that giants like Facebook are bringing solutions which we always deemed invaluable to the workplace.

In celebration we’d like to invite you to try CrankWheel’s screen sharing to get a good feel for it. It’s free and easily works for people not on Facebook (they do still exist!).

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How is Facebook’s screen sharing different from CrankWheel’s solution for business?

Browser extension in place of a social network. CrankWheel’s widget sits neatly within Chrome, conveniently accessible for presenters at any moment and in any situation. Screen sharing is typically used enhance conversations with customers through a visual medium with a specific goal in mind. In a business context that’s customer service or sales. Not being confined to Facebook helps get all the potential technical quirks out of the way and allows businesses to focus on the customer.

It works every time, on any device. Regardless of browser version, dekstop, laptop or even an aged mobile phone, CrankWheel’s screen sharing will just work. No Facebook or download required.

It’s ready in seconds. You get to either send an SMS, link, or even invite the customer to a special online room where the screen sharing happens. Combined with its cross-platform support, this allows for frictionless, easy screen sharing that does its job.

Instant Demos. Reactive, on demand screen sharing with automatic distribution of requests to sales teams. People can choose to request help and your staff will be notified in real time. This technology is called Instant Demos. It’s a unique kind of screen sharing that we invented for the sales teams. Productivity apps can’t really compare as this s a different beast.