The Ultimate Guide to Telemarketing for beginners and sales pros

In this guide to telesales, we have gathered some of our resources that will help you become successful in telesales. It includes tips on strategies, how to do telesales effectively, how to generate more leads, qualify them and improve conversion rates. Plus, the guide includes tips on sales scripts, conversations, cold calling tips, how to overcome objections and the best tools that enable you to become successful in telesales.

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Advantages & disadvantages of telesales

The biggest advantage of telesales is the efficiency. A salesman can reach much more prospects and in a more cost-effective way over the phone than traveling door to door. Selling over the telephone requires a different set of skills than in-person sales since telesales agents can’t use body language or visuals to assist them in getting their message across.

Some people are born with the ability to paint a picture with just a few words while others can train to become effective in telesales and use technology to bridge the gap between telesales and field sales. Screen sharing tools are an example of technology that helps sales teams visualise their pitches and improve their sales win rate.

There are five categories or chapters in this crash telesales training course which covers everything a telesales agent needs.

  • Training and acquiring skills for telesales
  • Lead generation and how to improve close rates
  • How to overcome objections during sales calls
  • Tips on the sales conversation and other success factors
  • Best software tools for telesales

Training and acquiring skills for telesales

Not only do beginners want to learn the essential sales skills, but every salesman also wants to reach higher and become better. How to improve your sales skills

Here are ways on how to improve your sales skills even further

A successful sales pitch is not a monolog - it’s a dialogue and it’s important to know how to train active listening skills

Your learning didn’t end when you got that diploma. Here are resources that help you refresh skills and acquire new skills

For team leaders (and anyone interested in becoming more effective in sales). How to increase the effectiveness of telesales teams

Are you a leader or aspire to become one? Get to know the goals for sales leaders and how to achieve them

Generate leads and how to improve sales close rate

One of the reasons you are having a hard time converting and closing is that insufficient lead qualification, here is how to improve telesales qualifications and increase conversions

An executive guide on lead generation for inside sales

Want a fresh approach to capturing leads? Here are five unique lead generation methods to fill your pipeline.

How to increase win rates? Qualify leads during the first call and demo your product during the call are ways to improve cold calling conversion rates

As we are on the subject. CrankWheel has a feature called Instant Demos which enables you to capture leads and call them while they are still viewing your landing site. Find out how you can capture hot inbound leads and reach out to them instantly.

Overcoming objections during sales calls

An objection is a great opportunity to learn more about the prospect and the answers might help you to overcome the objection. Five methods you need to know when overcoming objections

The most common objection during a sales call and how to get around it. Getting around the Now isn’t a good time objection

Another way to get around objections is strategic selling and effective follow-up

The sales conversation and other telesales success factors

A good salesperson never relies too much on the script. But they can handy if they have been custom-made for your situation. Here is a seven-step guide on how to increase sales effectiveness with a telesales script that works

Salespeople are not just salespeople. Customers rely on them for advice on how to create value from the products or services they are selling. Here are tips on turning telesales calls into consultative selling conversations.

Most salespeople have been forced to work from home in the last year. It is expected that the future of sales is a hybrid sales force. Learn how to succeed in remote sales

We got some experts to give their tips for the perfect sales conversation (infographic)

Talking about the weather not leading up to closing sales or are your seeking perfection for your small talk skills? Here are 10 open questions to kick off any sales conversation

Creating effective buyer personas is a great way on how to increase sales engagement and make it more successful.

Best tools for telesales

Even though telesales is based on the oldest communication technology since the telegram, the top telesales agents today rely on state-of-the-art apps on everything as the best tools for sales leads to electronic signatures in a screen share. Check out the top 10 apps for telesales.

Most salespeople and team leaders ask themselves how to increase sales productivity. You can automate many administrative tasks. There is a number of tools available to help with that and we have compiled a list of the top 10 productivity tools for salespeople

The most effective way to improve and get higher close rates is by using screen-sharing tools during sales calls to complement the pitch with visuals.

It’s time to give the old Rolodex a rest or perhaps you might want to look at the top 10 CRM tools for sales to see if you need an upgrade from the solution you are already using.

Bonus: How to increase your sales win rate by 20%

The best tool we know of is Screen Sharing with the CrankWheel Chrome extension. Our customers have done A/B testing with their teams and the groups that use CrankWheel increased sales by 20% more than the control groups that only used the phone. By measuring CrankWheel usage and including it as one of the Key Performance Indicators, your team can increase sales through KPIs. See how Declarando used CrankWheel to increase sales in this case study.